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The Numio app main dashboard showing the Layer 1 and Layer 2 (zkRollups) Ethereum cryptocurrency wallets.


Numio is a simple cryptocurrency payments app that is packed with features.

Built on Ethereum

Numio is built on Ethereum and turbocharged by zkRollups for instant and low fee transfers.


Buy Cryptocurrency

Use debit and credit cards to buy crypto.

Person Circle

You are in Control

Nobody can access, freeze or withhold your cryptocurrency - not even Numio.

Lock Closed


Numio lets you choose the level of security that works for you.

Id Card

Identity Management

With Numio's optional identity management system you can be fast-tracked onto partner services.

In-App Screenshots

Scroll through some of the main Numio experiences.

In Development

A quick look at our upcoming new features - follow our socials or subscribe to get the latest updates.

Stats Chart


Trade cryptocurrencies in-app.

Swap Horizontal


Swap one token for another without leaving the app.



Lend or borrow cryptocurrency.



Pool your cryptocurrency and take advantage of the power of community for large staking rewards.

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