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Save 100x on Ethereum fees while trading, earning crypto with DeFi, collecting NFTs, and more, all in one convenient app.
Ethereum Wallet, Trading, NFTs and more

Numio is built on Ethereum and turbocharged by zkRollups for instant and low fee transfers.


Nobody can access, freeze or withhold your cryptocurrency, not even Numio.


With Numio's layer 2 functionality on zkSync, you can achieve 100x lower Ethereum fees.


Industry standard encryption mechanisms like SHA-256, AES-256, RSA and others.

You Choose

Keyless Security

Easily recover your Numio wallet(s) via an encrypted backup option with Google Drive or iCloud. No keys to lose.

Keyless Security

Your Keys, Your Crypto

With Numio you have full control over your wallets via your private key. Import or create any number of wallets you desire. No one, not even Numio, can access your funds.

Your Keys, Your Crypto

Trades Less Than $0.25

There are 300+ tokens available to swap. If you don’t see your token in the app, let us know and we will get it supported.

Ethereum Swaps on Numio
Ethereum DeFi

DeFi, Manage and Build

Coming Soon! – Easily manage and build your entire DeFi portfolio from within Numio. Deposit, borrow, or repay loans on Aave, and generate yield through Yearn.


Ethereum and zkSync networks available, more coming soon!

Ethereum DeFi

Buy Cryptocurrency

Over 300 Layer 1 and 100+ Layer 2 tokens available on Numio

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Store Ethereum NFTs

NFTs, Store and View

Numio Supports safe storage all of your ERC-721 & ERC-1155 NFTs. Building support for NFTs on Layer 2. NFT Marketplace on L2 coming soon!

Store Ethereum NFTs

Explore, Find Your Next Trade

Coming Soon! – Scan the market for your next trade. Trade and swap in-app for under $1 in fees. Create a watchlist and keep an eye on trending cryptocurrencies.


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Ethereum wallet NFTs and more

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