2,000 Ethereum Transactions Per Second on a Mobile App


Numio, a startup of the year finalist, has brought Ethereum Layer 2 to mobile so you can make fast and cheap transfers while still holding your own private keys.

Whats Inside?


zkRollups allow you to make fast and cheap transfers while retaining all of the security and control offered by Ethereum – Read More.

Your Choice of Wallet

You will be able to choose between traditional Ethereum transactions, or faster, cheaper, Layer 2 transactions.

Either way, you always hold your own private keys, and can withdraw at any time.

Cutting Edge Security

Public-Key Cryptography Authentication linked to on-device biometrics and the utilization of zkProofs brings an unprecedented level of security to Numio.

Supported Tokens

A select number of tokens including ETH, USDC and PHNX will get the benefit of Ethereum Layer 2 at launch.

More assets will be added soon after.


Where Can I Download Numio?


The Numio team are just finishing up the final stages of testing and auditing and will be releasing the app to the public very soon.

Follow our social media channels (linked below) to find out when you can get you hands on the Numio app.

Vote for Numio (and Ethereum Adoption)


Numio has been nominated as a Top 100 Startup by Startup of the Year.

Click the button below and do your part for Ethereum adoption, by voting for Numio in the People’s Choice Awards – Fintech & Security Category.

Thanks – Team Numio

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