Cross-Chain Bridge Hacks and Exploits


Building bridges has always been fraught with problems. Trolls live under bridges, London Bridge falling down was famously immortalised in a nursery rhyme, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge threw a wobbly, and bridges across the world are destroyed in pretty much every disaster movie ever made. In fact bridges are such a problem that Wikipedia even […]

Reasons to Build During a Bear Market


Bears are scary. I’m not talking about the small cuddly teddy bears that your kids (or you) have in the bedroom. Nor am I talking about the grizzly bear that will slowly eat you alive in the woods. I’m talking about the scariest bear of all… the crypto bear. You’ve spent the past year enjoying […]

What is zkSync?

Layer 2 and zkSync

What is zkSync? zkSync is a zkRollup (zero-knowledge rollup), more technically known as a “Validity Rollup”. zkSync is designed to help Ethereum scale by taking some of the load off of the Ethereum network, while still retaining the security of Ethereum’s network for transactional data. What is a Rollup? The best way to understand how […]

Layer 2 Trading Live on Numio

Layer 2 Trading Available on Numio

What’s New in Numio v2.6 At Numio we continually innovate to bring you the best user experience and lowest fees, so it makes us very happy to announce that Numio has had an upgrade – a big one. TL:DR we now have support for Layer 2 token swaps, Layer 2 purchases, and interaction with your […]

ZigZag Layer 2 Trading Is Live on Numio


Ethereum Layer 2 Trading Is Live on Numio powered by ZigZag and zkSync We are excited to announce that ZigZag, a zkRollup powered Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with orderbook, is now live on Numio. ZigZag, like Numio, is building on the zkSync Network: a Layer 2 Ethereum solution created by MatterLabs. The beauty of using zkRollups […]

StarkNet Pi: Running a StarkNet Node on a Raspberry Pi


StarkNet from StarkWare is a permissionless scaling zkRollup that has been live (Alpha) on the Ethereum Mainnet since November 2021. One of the big hitters in Ethereum scaling, StarkNet works by producing STARK proofs off-chain, before verifying those proofs on-chain. Put simply, this means that StarkNet takes all the transactions that take place on the […]