Developer Update – September 15th


Welcome to Septembers Numio Developer update! We have been working on a variety of technical implementations since our August update, from application enhancements, to partnership integrations – and today we are going to do something a little different. If you don’t know already we are focused on, and put great thought into, easy usability and clean intuitive interfaces (UI/UX).


We recognize that the crypto Layer 2 space UI/UX needs lots of work, and any time you can remove a step for the user, it is a big win – so let’s do a deep dive into some of the design aspects of what Numio is doing to raise the bar and make user on-boarding, and your in-app journey, a seamless experience.

A Look At Numio Wallet Design UI & UX

We are constantly evolving the Numio Wallet. We listen and take constructive feedback very seriously. This has allowed us to learn from our initial v1 launch, into our v2.

The road forward continues to rely on our passion for raising the bar for L2 wallet adoption in a natural and easy to use app with attention to detail.

Let’s talk about that graphic for a minute – WOW. Thats quite the sneak peak. Let’s unpack this a bit. As you can see there are some surprises, first off some NFT and DeFi action.

NFT’s have added a whole new segment to the crypto space that didn’t exist a few years ago – and it is extremely exciting to see the new adoption it brings. Whether it’s from the artists who are passionate about creating, the collector who wants to build their collection, or the person who is just curious and wants to learn.

Regarding DeFi, we are in high gear bringing it right to your fingertips.

We have been gathering feedback and learning what users want from an NFT experience and we are excited to give you some insight into what is in the pipeline and in development.

Here is Jonah Hayes, Director of Design at Numio talking about our design process here at Numio.


“With the recent UX/UI overhaul of the Numio app we have also been streamlining and updating our internal design processes. Over the past several months, our team has made the transition over to Figma. This was a long time coming and we are happy to see the current speed at which prototyping and the entire design process has improved.

The last month we have also been busy working on some new features for Numio. NFTs and DeFi integrations are the two biggest areas of the app we have been focusing on lately. We also have been reworking the flow of our current send, withdraw, and internal transfer screens.

After some feedback, we realized that some of these screens weren’t as straight forward as they could be so we listened to the feedback and tweaked the UX/UI.

Our goal is always to make Numio a simple, intuitive and easy to use blockchain app. We thrive off feedback and love hearing from our community of users. Feel free to send us any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve Numio. We would greatly appreciate it! We are excited to watch the industry evolve and Numio along with it.”

Further UI/UX Decisions

In addition to some beautiful new UI modules, charts, graphs and sliders – we have recently added an anonymous registration flow which allows you to explore the application before registering and get a feel for it with call to actions to sign up.

Selecting a profile photo is now easier as you don’t need to dig into your camera or take time making a selfie, you can simply tap a pre-defined image and proceed. Every little bit helps. Here are some enhancements in summary:

  • Refined Onboarding Flow
  • Redesigned Wallet Cards
  • One-tap profile photo selection
  • Internal Transfer (Moving from L1 to L2 Wallets) Refinement

Numio Brand Guidelines

We recently launched our official Numio Brand Kit which is your go-to place for official colors, logos and more.

Partnership Updates

Last week we announced Ferrum Network as a new Partner! The FRM & FRMx tokens are being listed on the Numio mobile app – including our Ethereum Layer 2 (zkRollups) wallet.

The zkRollup FRM & FRMx listing will bring instant transactions, gasless transactions, and up to 100x savings on network fees. We are excited for this partnership and bring FRM to Numio. 🎉

We are currently in the final stages of testing Trading on L1 and are on standby for L2 with our partner, Paraswap. We are all excited to release trading on L2.

If you can believe it, we have released three application updates since we last spoke – so here they are.

Official Numio Changelog

View our full Numio wallet Change Log here.

  • v2.0.9 (09/04/2021)
    • Anonymous user registration flow
    • Bug fix for advanced backup users
  • v2.0.8 (08/21/2021)
    • Removal of phone number and last name from onboarding
    • Ability to input $USD amount instead of token amount when sending tokens
    • UI improvements to recovery
    • Lost internet connection during onboarding remembers place in the app
    • Other minor bug fixes
  • v2.0.7 (8/18/2021)
    • UI updates to wallet screens
    • Enter in a USD amount or token amount when sending tokens
    • Ability to choose imported wallet when purchasing crypto
    • Additional sign-up option added
    • All supported tokens on zkSync added to L2 wallets


We hope you enjoyed learning about the design and development taking place at Numio. We look forward to releasing this new update and new ways to connect. 👀

If you haven’t already, check out our app and let us know what you think. We are welcome to constructive feedback as it makes us better. Join us to bring the next million people into crypto & DeFi! Download Numio on Android or iOS and follow us on Twitter to get frequent updates about us.

Tim Allard, CTO, Numio

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