Fast, Cheap, Ethereum Transactions Now On Google Play


Numio allows you to make fast and cheap crypto transfers while retaining all of the security and control offered by Ethereum on an easy to use app.

It’s also the world’s first zkRollups powered app to be available in the Google Play Store.

Join the revolution and download Numio today.

What's Inside?

Turbocharged Speeds

Numio has integrated zkRollup scaling technology from Matter Labs (zkSync) to offer turbocharged Ethereum speeds of up to 2,000 transactions per second (TPS), in comparison with the Ethereum on-chain standard of 15 TPS. Not only that, but Numio transaction fees are up to 100x cheaper than regular Ethereum network transactions.


The Numio app has launched with a range of ERC-20 tokens, all of which can benefit from the increased speed and reduced costs of Layer 2 Ethereum from the outset. These include ETH, USDC, PHNX, and WBTC.

More tokens are being added – follow our social channels to find out what and when.

Crypto Purchasing

Numio lets customers add debit & credit cards to make instant in-app crypto purchases.

Importing Assets

Numio allows users to import their current Ethereum wallet into the app. Supported tokens will be immediately available for use.

Two-Factor Authentication

Numio has built a cutting edge 2FA system that uses a combination of public-key cryptography, on-device biometrics and QR codes to log into websites and services.

This technology offers an increased level of security and a friendlier user experience than the options currently available from Google and Authy and other traditional 2FA based applications.

Numio Identity

Our newly architected cloud software utilizes zero-knowledge proofs (zkProofs) and NIST-certified AI technology to secure and protect virtually any type of data. The NumioCloud storage system can store all kinds of information, from backups of private-keys and credit/debit card data, to personal identity documents for KYC/AML.

We have designed the software so that the documents themselves never leave the device, giving users the peace of mind that no nefarious party has a copy of their passport.

We haven't forgotten about iOS

The iOS version of the Numio app is currently in development and will be available in early 2021.

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