Get Ethereum Layer 2: How to add ERC-20 tokens to zkSync and Numio

Add ERC20 Tokens to zkSync and Numio

You may have the most fantastic Ethereum project, you could have a successful ERC-20 token, and you can have the most amazing community, but you will always hear one complaint. Why are Ethereum gas fees so high?

You want your project’s community to benefit from cheap and instant Ethereum transactions and now, thanks to Numio and zkSync, you can give them just that. In just a few simple steps you can access instant transactions that are up to 100x cheaper than standard Ethereum and accessible from a mobile device.

First up, how do you add your ERC-20 token to the zkSync Ethereum L2 scaling solution?

How do I get my ERC-20 token listed on zkSync?

Submitting a new token to zkSync is a simple process that takes just a few minutes.

Visit and click on the ‘Tokens’ tab.

zkScan Explorer

Click on the ‘Submit new token’ button in the top right.

Submit Token to zkSync

Read and agree to the Disclaimer (press continue) – please note that there is a 500 DAI* fee for listing on the zkSync Network**.

*The fee was increased from 50 DAI to 500 DAI to help prevent against spam on zkSync. The images below show 50 DAI from when the article was composed.

**This is not a Numio fee and we do not receive any payment for the zkSync listing service.

zkSync Token Listing Disclaimer

Read the information and if you are happy then:

    1. Add the ERC-20 token contract address.
    2. Press ‘Proceed’.

zkSync Token Listing Address

Connect your wallet and pay the 500 DAI administration fee to zkSync.

zkSync Token Listing Fee

Approve the DAI, and confirm in your wallet that you are happy to make the transaction.

Approve zkSync Payment

Confirm payment and of the 500 DAI listing fee.

Send Payment for zkSync Listing

Then sit back and wait for the token to be listed on zkSync.

The waiting period can take a few minutes, so please be patient.

After 5-10 minutes, go to:, and the token should appear in the list. If it does not, please contact the Matter Labs team.

How do I get my ERC-20 token listed on Numio?

To get your token listed onto the L1 and/or L2 wallet on Numio, just fill out this form. We will get back to you shortly after.

We look forward to seeing your project live and taking advantage of fast and cheap Ethereum on the world’s best Ethereum wallet.

Download the app via the links below:

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