Layer 2 Trading Live on Numio

Layer 2 Trading Available on Numio

What’s New in Numio v2.6

At Numio we continually innovate to bring you the best user experience and lowest fees, so it makes us very happy to announce that Numio has had an upgrade – a big one.

TL:DR we now have support for Layer 2 token swaps, Layer 2 purchases, and interaction with your prized NFT collection.

Layer 2 Trading with ZigZag.

You can now trade tokens quickly and cheaply on the zkSync Layer 2 Network via our ZigZag exchange integration… and by cheap we mean less than $0.50 per trade.

The following trading pairs are available at launch.



We will be adding more very soon, including;

  • ….along with about 75 other trading pairs!

Purchase crypto directly to Layer 2

Save on gas fees by using a credit or debit card to purchase crypto and have it added directly to your Layer 2 zkSync wallet. Crypto purchases on Numio are supported by MoonPay.


Show off your prized NFT collection with our improved NFT feature. Check it out and let us know what you think.


General Enhancements, Fixes, and Optimizations

As well as all the exciting things like Layer 2 trading we have also done a lot of work behind the scenes to enhance user experience and squash a few bugs.

You can download Numio on Google Play and the Apple App Store right now.


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