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What are Meebits NFTs?

Meebits are 20,000 fully unique 3D avatars NFTs from the creators of the iconic CryptoPunks. Registered on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC-721 standard, Meebits enjoy all the benefits conventional NFTs provide, namely that they can’t be copied, duplicated, or tampered with. Each Meebit is a 3D character that features numerous randomly assigned traits, ranging from wearables and hairstyles to skin color and type.

Contrary to many other NFTs, Meebits share the same background, but some avatars are still rarer than others nevertheless. For instance, there are 18,881 Humans, but only 57 Skeletons. The most scarce type of all is called Dissected, which a mere 5 Meebits belong to, worth hundreds of ETH each. Fortunately, to become a holder, you won’t need those kinds of funds, around 5-6 ETH should do the trick.

What makes Meebits NFTs unique?

Meebits are characterized by their signature 3D, but sort of pixelated looks, which could be also interpreted as a tribute to their creators and CryptoPunks. The significance of this connection should not be underestimated, as direct ties to such legendary NFTs is likely something that most collectors and potential owners will regard as desirable.

Other than their respected creators, Meebits also come with high-resolution renders of themselves, as well as editable 3D file that owners can even use to animate their characters. This trait can be especially useful for those who, at some point, wish to capitalize on their Meebits in one of the virtual realities of the crypto space where they could become active avatars eventually.

What’s next for Meebits NFTs?

There is little said officially about what the future holds for Meebits. Considering that their creators, LarvaLabs, are renowned players in the NFT industry and that the Meebits community is among the strongest ones of its kind, it wouldn’t be surprising to see exciting owner perks and benefits in the future. In any case, Meebits are, and will be, a bespoke part of the NFT world, with unique ties to one of the most iconic collections ever.

How can I show off my Meebits?

If you are thinking about getting a Meebits then Numio is a great choice for viewing and showing off your prized NFT collection, right there on your phone screen, whenever you want and wherever you are.

And while you can’t yet trade NFTs on Numio all the background and proof of ownership is there for you to say ‘look, this Meebits is mine, I own it’.

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