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What are mfers NFTs?

Created by artist and digital personality sartoshi, mfers is a collection of 10,021 unique, hand-drawn figures as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The pieces depict simple characters seemingly sitting in front of a computer, or arguably being in driving positions.

The initial price for all mfers was set at 0.069 ETH, which proved to be a fair price for the NFTs, as the entire collection sold out minutes after its debut at 4:20 PM, on the 30th of November 2021. Nowadays, the valuation of mfers is significantly higher than before, with a floor price of around 3 ETH by the time of writing, and the highest recent value of 80 ETH for mfer #904.

What’s unique about mfers NFTs?

The thing that truly makes mfers interesting is the mystery and low-key environment surrounding them. Something that demonstrates this perfectly is the official website of the project, which is most likely the simplest, shortest, and least informational page among all NFT sites.

Another point is the way their creator, sartoshi, writes about the project, leaving all kinds of formalities and unnatural wording behind. While these traits are not confirmed as intentional differentiating factors, they sure act like that, and the community of mfer holders envies them.

What’s ahead for mfers NFTs?

According to sartoshi, mfers is a completely holder-driven movement that needs no promotion, as mfers “move organically”. The project requires no leader, either, nor an official channel with a conventional roadmap. With all this in mind, it’s pretty clear that even attempting to predict what’s next for mfers is a complete waste of time. If you’d like to have any sort of influence on the project, your best shot would likely be joining it as a holder and taking matters into your own hands.

How can I show off my mfers?

If you are thinking about getting a mfers NFT then Numio is a great choice for viewing and showing off your prized NFT collection, right there on your phone screen, whenever you want and wherever you are.

And while you can’t yet trade NFTs on Numio all the background and proof of ownership is there for you to say ‘look, this mfers NFT is mine, I own it’.

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