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What are Ultra Miners NFTs?

Ultra Miners NFTs are the evolved versions of 11,111 OG Miners, two of which needed to be burnt to create one Ultra Miner. With 80% of the overall OG supply burnt, all the 4,445 Ultra Miners have been minted. Items in the collection depict vivid, abstract looking, block-shaped creatures that are made up of more than 280 hand-drawn traits, categorized by background, face, top, side, and many further features.

Ultra Miners are integral parts of the Blockchain Miners Club (BMC) ecosystem, which aims to bring the benefits of proof-of-work-based transaction validation to those who can’t afford to participate in the process alone.

What makes Ultra Miners NFTs stand out?

Ultra Miners are not just collectibles and tradable digital artwork; they provide numerous perks to their holders. For instance, each Ultra Miner comes with two voting rights, which means owners have double the share from the BMC ecosystem’s decision-making as OG holders. Also, each Ultra Miner grants certain rewards to its holder, which originate from BMC’s Bitcoin mining activity, as well as royalty fees from secondary sales poured into the community’s fund. This kind of compensation is distributed periodically, with an overall distribution to-date of more than $600,000. On top, each Ultra Miner gets credited 10 HASH tokens daily, which is one more aspect that sets this collection apart from the crowd.

What’s ahead for Ultra Miners NFTs?

Aside from the continuous perks that Ultra Miners receive, there is a seemingly exciting roadmap ahead for the participants of the project. Plans include at least two other NFT collections, Mars Rocket Passes, and Hashdroids, to be exact. Mars Rocket Passes will be minted using HASH tokens, or ETH for OG holders, and will provide one free mint pass for a Hashdroid in the future. In any case, and whether you’re holding an OG, or an Ultra Miner, there are many things to look forward to in the BMC ecosystem, and it will be thrilling to see how the project unfolds its wings in the years to come.

How can I show off my Ultra Miners?

If you are thinking about getting an Ultra Miners then Numio is a great choice for viewing and showing off your prized NFT collection, right there on your phone screen, whenever you want and wherever you are.

And while you can’t yet trade NFTs on Numio all the background and proof of ownership is there for you to say ‘look, this Ultra Miner is mine, I own it’.

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Buy, sell, trade, earn crypto with DeFi, collect NFTs, and more, while saving you up to 100x on Ethereum fees. Numio gives you more control over your digital assets in one convenient app. Numio can be used pseudonymously, or with an optional zkProof powered identity verification system. All Numio products are non-custodial.

Available on Android and iOS, Numio was the first zkRollup powered mobile payments app to be released on Google Play.

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