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What are the Women Rise NFTs?

Women Rise is a collection of 10,000 bespoke Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) centered around women in various professions. Created by designer Maliha Abidi, the artists, astronauts, professors, activists, and everything in between all aim to advertise gender rights equality and women’s capability to master conventionally male-dominated, and any trades, for that matter. Ten different traits, including background, clothing, and facial appearance, ensure that the combination of each piece is unique.

Women Rise items’ rarity is determined by a multitude of aspects, some of which are the combination of scarce traits, one-off faces, or resemblance to globally known women who are iconic figures in the fight for females’ rights.

What’s unique about Women Rise NFTs?

To actively aid women in reaching the depicted goal, the project made opening the first ever metaverse-based educational organization its ultimate purpose. This novel online school will reportedly be accessible for all the 129 million girls that are without education, among many other unprivileged children and people in need.

Other than that, the core differentiating factor for the collection is the focus on women and their global inequality. By owning a Women Rise NFT, holders are ideally looking at more benefits than the speculative value, such as belonging to an exclusive network of changemakers and like-minded individuals united by their desire to empower women.

What’s ahead for the Women Rise NFTs?

Women Rise have already completed their Roadmap 1.0, which outlined the major milestones of the NFT distribution, as well as ownership perks, including donations to the Malala Fund, the launch of Rising Women and Activists clubs, with many more along the way. According to the project’s official website, there is a Roadmap 2.0 in the making, to which community members have the chance to contribute. The newest plans are said to contain the steps towards launching the above-mentioned educational metaverse, and potentially more use cases for holders of Women Rise NFTs.

How can I show off my Women Rise?

If you are thinking about getting a Women Rise NFT then Numio is a great choice for viewing and showing off your prized NFT collection, right there on your phone screen, whenever you want and wherever you are.

And while you can’t yet trade NFTs on Numio all the background and proof of ownership is there for you to say ‘look, this Women Rise NFT is mine, I own it’.

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