Numio, nuiMOs and NFTs


Use your favourite search engine to search for Numio and you are sure to encounter articles and links to nuiMOs. The names are similar enough, just a switch of two letters, that a simple mistype, or Google’s algorithm, will bring up both results when searching for one or the other.

So has the Numio team been a victim of fat fingers when writing articles and content? Well no, not this time, nuiMOs are actually a new Disney range and nothing to do with Numio.

Numio (Nu-mee-o)

The name of a blockchain technology company founded in 2020.

nuiMOs (new-eee-moes)

A range of posable plush figures made by the Disney Corporation.

We are certainly fans of a lot of Disney entertainment at Numio. Our favorite shows being The Mandolorian, WandaVision and Loki, which have been often discussed in Slack – but the name similarity is where any link between the two ends. Numio are the developers of cutting edge cryptocurrency technology that we think Tony Stark would be proud to have built, and nuiMOs are a range of soft toys based on your favourite Disney characters – not exactly two things that are easily confused.

So if you have come to the Numio website looking for nuiMOs we are sorry but we don’t have a range of soft toys – we do have a cute puppy but he’s not for sale.


BTW – The link to nuiMOs is here –


This post isn’t merely to guide lost souls in the right direction, it got us thinking…

Like much of the crypto community we have NFTs on the brain at the moment, but for good reason. The team is in the process of adding NFTs to a forthcoming release of the app (the designs are the best you have seen on a mobile wallet) and we will be adding Layer 2 NFTs later this year. And don’t forget about our work in developing an NFT based KYC system.

So, with all this talk of Numio, nuiMOs and NFTs around Numio HQ, it’s no surprise that we had the thought, will Disney ever release an official NFT range?

If you thought some random celebrity launching an NFT was big news, just imagine an official Disney NFT range. It could be Disney, Star Wars, Marvel or any one of the other entertainment subsidiaries that they own, and each and every one would be massive, and most probably the biggest NFT sale to date.

Disney wouldn’t even need to be selling NFTs and Disney customers wouldn’t even know they were using blockchain technology. We all know that Disney is big on copyright so why not link products like nuiMOs with an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, proving you have a genuine Disney product. They could even leverage NFT ticketing for Disneyland or the latest Marvel movie – the opportunities are huge.

Of course we don’t know what the big mouse has planned and only time will tell if we will ever see Disney NFTs. One thing is for sure – It will be fun to watch if they do enter the NFT market.

Until that time we can only promise you Numio NFTs and cute puppies.

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