Numio 2021 Recap

Numio 2021 Recap

From launching an app to successfully completing a seed round, the past year has been an exciting one at Numio. It was the year when we launched the first ever zkRollups app on Google Play, mastered the tech for faster and cheaper Ethereum transactions, supercharged ourselves by getting VC funding, and built the foundation to take Layer 2 tech to the next level in 2022.

In this short post we take a look at just some of our achievements during 2021.

December 2020/January 2021

Depending on where you live in the world it was on the 31st December 2020/1st January 2021 that we quietly launched the first ever zkRollup powered mobile app to registered users on Google Play.


On the 11th January the Numio app went live globally on Google Play.

And just four days later it had over 5,000 downloads.


February saw the gas fee for making deposits from Layer 1 to Layer 2 reduce by ~50% and transactions get even cheaper.

We also launched the Numio TikTok channel –


In March we added a manual backup/registration option for people who wanted to avoid using biometrics.


June saw the launch of our redesigned app, new website, and updated branding.



In July things really started to heat up as we announced a $1.25m seed round.

A big thank you to Hashkey Capital, LD Capital, Youbi Capital, Caballeros Capital, DVC, ZMT Capital, Suji Yan of Mask Network, Cecilia Li, ex-investment director of OK Group and others.

July was also the month when Numio v2.0 went live on Android and iOS.



In August we launched our new initiative, the Numio Token Guide where we present the latest information on your favorite Ethereum tokens in an easy to understand format.


September saw the launch of in-app token swaps with Paraswap.

We also added a third anonymous registration option where you can create accounts without giving us an email or phone number.


In October we launched Numio Docs.


November saw the release of our Pay Day promotion where you are in with a chance of winning up to $500.

There were in excess of 50 lucky winners during the first Pay Day promotion with PhoenixDAO.


2021 also saw the development of several exciting partnerships.





Ferrum Network

So there you go. A run down of some of the biggest Numio news stories in 2021.

The reality is that we did much much more than that both publicly and behind the scenes – you can always look back over our news and social media accounts to find out more.

Here’s to a massive 2022. We know you will like whats coming up next.

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