Numio August Newsletter – Partnerships, Tokens and Security


Direct from the Numio team – here is a round up of what you might have missed in August 2021

Learn with Numio

Numio Learn is our new crypto education initiative. Featuring tutorials, glossaries, and guides to your favorite cryptocurrencies, all written in plain English, we are making Numio a one stop shop for crypto education. 

Rug Pulls and Fake Apps

In Part 1 of this Numio scam advisory post we take a look at some of the more technical scams in crypto – rug pulls and hacks.

Confidence Tricks and Social Engineering

In part 2 of this Numio Scam advisor post we look at some of the confidence tricks and social engineering scams that plague the crypto world.

How to Use Etherscan

Etherscan is a very useful tool that anyone using the Ethereum network should know how to use, but many don’t. This post shows you the basics of using Etherscan — from exploring your Ethereum wallet to reading token contracts.

How to add ERC-20 tokens to zkSync and Numio

You may have the most fantastic Ethereum project, you could have a successful ERC-20 token, and you can have the most amazing community, but you will always hear one complaint. Why are Ethereum gas fees so high?

Numio Partnerships

August has been an exciting month for partnerships! These partnerships are focused on improving Ethereum interoperability with Ferrum Network  and increasing trust verification with UTU.

Increasing Trust Verification with UTU

The partnership will see a number of exciting developments including the UTU token being listed on the Numio mobile app – including the Ethereum Layer 2 (zkRollups) wallet.

Improving Ethereum Interoperability with Ferrum Network

The partnership will see a number of exciting developments including both the FRM & FRMx tokens being listed on the Numio mobile app.

Numio Tokens

We are pleased to announce the launch of Numio Tokens  – our brand new token information service.

We’ve cut out the noise found in most token data sites to provide you with the latest information on your favorite Ethereum tokens – all in an easy to understand format. Version 1.0 provides you with project information, price tracking, social media feeds and other relevant token information. A few examples are the following:


Ethereum is the project that first enamored the cryptoverse to the term smart contracts. It brought forth a revolution, and opened everyone’s eyes to the fact that cryptocurrency is not just “currency” and, in fact, distributed trustless ledgers have the potential to empower so much more. Whether that’s governing financial derivatives, yield farming, property markets.


STORJ was one of the first file storage tokens to explode onto the market. For the longest time, file storage has had its head in the clouds. Google, Amazon, and Microsoft all have massive warehouses crammed with servers that host increasingly more expansive tracts of the world’s personal files. Of course, that means they own the warehouses, servers and – ultimately – all your data. Which is worrying.
PhoenixDAO PHNX logo


PHNX is the token of the Phoenix Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) . The Phoenix token promotes itself as “digital identity reborn”. In practice, it’s a suite of protocols that help users interact with blockchain through a linked identity that allows them to transact with various parts of the crypto landscape. Whether that be DeFi, NFTs, or other smart contracts that a user is engaged in.

This is just the start. Over the next few months we will add a dedicated page for each of the 300+ tokens listed on Numio, and open up some other exciting features for your favorite crypto community.

What do you want to see next? Check it out and let us know what you think via our socials, below.

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