Numio Developer Update – July 2022


Welcome to this month’s Numio Developer update! Since our last update, we have had two app releases filled with new functionality, improved UI/UX, and enhanced in-app optimizations. Let’s dive right in.

User Onboarding Enhancements

What a month! The dev team has been busy, and we are excited to roll out a new and improved onboarding experience. As you know, Numio is focused on delivering the best UI/UX in a wallet – and one of our latest sprints is introducing Micro Interactions.


What are Micro Interactions? They are essentially little details that give feedback to a user immediately upon interaction. A little animation, a vibrate, a ding, something that moves. We started introducing a bit of this with our onboarding and will carry this through the Numio app.

As pointed out in the graphic above, we refined and enhanced the steps to get onboarded and improved the account creation success screen and so far the feedback has been great.

The Numio DeFi Dashboard

We have been revealing a little bit of our DeFi experience over the past couple of developer updates and today, we wanted to share a bit more of the refined experience.


The Numio DeFi Dashboard introduces new UI modules, various new code libraries and new ways for you to interact with your own assets. From depositing to withdrawing, borrowing and lending.

The development team has been working away to get us to a point where we will be able to add community members to get an early look and test things out. We will be gathering all that feedback and making any refinements to the experience.

Powering the DeFi Dashboard is a set of new core functionality, tapping into vast datasets with things like The Graph, and Aave in the future support for protocols like Compound, StakeWise, or Lido directly inside the app.


The above is an example of the schema of the “deposit” and “repay” methods for Aave V2 through The Graph explorer. Outlined are parameters needed to perform the various interactions. The graph has been a valuable tool for not only building, but navigating the vast datasets we have access to as well.

Be on the lookout for a call to add community testers as we begin to push out the DeFi Dashboard into production.

Wallet Connect

If you missed it, it’s here – you can now connect to your favorite dApp, directly within Numio.


We are currently pending approval to the official WalletConnect registry, but don’t worry, in the meantime, you can still use WalletConnect today, from the Numio App.

Over the past couple of releases, we have worked on refining this experience to allow you to connect to the growing ecosystem of crypto and blockchain right from your pocket.

Numio On The Move

Numio made it to ETHCC! Numio Co-Founder and Director of Business Development Mark Anstead was out and about meeting our friends, networking with new teams and enjoying the beautiful scenery Paris has to offer. We look forward to those new relationships!


Mark will also be doing two Twitter Spaces:

One on August 5th with MiniMiniDungeon who is building on zkSync.

And the other August 11th with Tevaera who is building a gamified meta verse on zkSync. We hope to see you there.

From The Blog

If you haven’t checked out our original crypto and blockchain content, we highly recommend you check it out! You can learn about everything from How to use Etherscan to learning about zkSnarks vs zkStarks.

Layer 2 Solutions

If you are up for a little light reading, hear what we have to say about “Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge Rollups, Channels, Plasma, and Sidechains: A Short Handbook of Layer 2 Solutions

Official Numio Changelog

We recently made a change to our Numio wallet changelog. It lived in a couple of places before, but since launching our Numio Docs, it only made sense to consolidate it there. You can now find it linked in our website footer, pointing to our documentation portal hosted on Gitbooks.


2.6.6 (7/12/2022)
Tappable profile icon for settings access
Full-screen swaps
Account creation UI enhanced
Token list added to preview experience
Backup account UI update
Swap UI improvements
Accessibility enhancements
Misc bug fixes

2.6.7 (7/20/2022)
Expanded swap markets added
UI enhancements to registration and recovery
Minor bug and UI updates

View our full Numio wallet Change Log here.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the building of our DeFi Dashboard, new ways to backup and secure your Numio account, and our evolving UI/UX.

Please note that some features discussed in this article are potentially pending iOS or Android approval.

As a final alpha, keep on the lookout for something we are doing to keep things “open”.

If you haven’t already, check out our app and let us know what you think. We welcome any constructive feedback as it makes us better. Join us to bring the next million people into crypto & DeFi! Download Numio on Android or iOS and follow us on Twitter to get frequent updates about us.

Tim Allard, CTO, Numio

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