Numio Developer Update – June 2022


Welcome to this month’s Numio Developer update! Since we did our last update we have had two app releases filled with new functionality, improved UI/UX, and enhanced in-app accessibility. Let’s dive right in.

WalletConnect is here!

If you have been paying attention to the past few updates, you might have caught a hint or two about new ways to connect 👀. Well, it’s here – you can now connect to your favorite dApp, directly within Numio.


This added functionality opens up endless opportunities to interact with dApps across the blockchain and crypto space. Simply scan the Wallet Connect QR code, authorize the connection through Numio and you are on your way.

Not getting too deep into the weeds, since we are already using native Web3 libraries within Numio, we can use the WalletConnect React Native JS SDK which makes things nice and modular from an integrations standpoint. We love SDK’s.

Here is a code snippet:

The below is the general config and the bones of getting up and running.


For those of you not familiar with WalletConnect: Any Wallet. Any Dapp. Any Chain. Wallet Connect is the web3 standard to connect blockchain wallets to dApps.

We welcome WalletConnect to the Numio app!

A New Way to Backup with iCloud

You asked and we delivered! Backing up your Numio account to iCloud is now here. We launched Numio with Google Drive backup as our Standard Recovery option, and now iOS users have a more native way to backup as well.


If you are not familiar with the various backup options, Numio has various ways to backup, one of them being keyless backup security. To find out more, check out Numio docs on how we give you control over your assets in our GitBooks documentation.

We learned very quickly that some users need their hand held through their new crypto experience – and at the same time know others don’t want their hand touched. We are proud to offer both guided/assisted paths to explore Numio, along with ways that are much more hands-off for the user.

A Continued Focus on UI/UX

Our design team and front-end engineers have been keeping busy with all our new Figma and Zeplin design screens to bring in unique experiences to the Numio wallet. See those yellow dots? That’s internal team communication ironing out details.

In addition to UI/UX, accessibility is a big component. We are looking at all the details. Including font sizes, color contrast and tap area on buttons and inputs.


Details are important. It can make or break the user experience. We are incredibly focused on delivering the best user experience in the space for the functionality we offer and provide. Even since launching our trading experience, we have made some tweaks based on user feedback and pushed it right out the door.

Another example of some new UI we recently rolled out is adding a wallet. We made it even easier to do so with a simple tap of the finger, with added functionality to even scan by QR code.

We can’t list everything in our changelog, but many times at the end of the list you see “UI/UX enhancements” – this is it!


Numio, zkSync and…?

We knew early on that zkSync was going to be a core part of Ethereum’s scalability infrastructure. As more projects jump onto zkSync, it makes the sandbox much bigger all around for integration partnerships.


This space is evolving and growing exponentially. New ecosystems, new layers, new integrations and new sandboxes. So over the past few releases, we have been preparing for something very special and are working on a future release that will introduce a sizable set of new tools and UI to manage and interact with your favorite layers and ecosystems.

Our blockchain engineers are heads down on this – more on this will follow. (This is a big one!)

Numio Docs

Our app is evolving and so is our documentation! We know it is important – so we have the latest and greatest with in-depth how-to’s and screenshots to perform your favorite in-app functions. (light and dark mode included! Thanks, Gitbooks)

Please reach out with any feedback or on how we can improve this experience.


Numio on the Move


Numio Co-Founders, Mark Anstead, and Tim Allard attended Consensus 2022 in Austin, TX where we met our integration partners, formed new relationships, and checked out lots of innovation. Keep an eye out for things that make it into the app from discussions we had over the course of the week.

ETHCC In Paris


Numio is heading to Paris Blockchain Week to attend Ethereum Community Conference (aka ETH CC). Numio Co-Founder, Mark Anstead, will be attending on behalf of the Numio team. If you want to schedule a call to meet with us in person while at the event, then send us a message!

You should also keep an eye out for Numio team members attending different local meetups between now and then.

Build Build Build

We are heads down building. Are you? Hear what Joel has to say about thoughts on building in a bear market.

And if you are up for a little light reading, hear what Mark has to say about zkSNARKs vs. zkSTARKs:

Official Numio Changelog

We recently made a change to our Numio wallet changelog. It lived in a couple of places before, but since launching our Numio Docs, it only made sense to consolidate it there. You can now find it linked in our website footer, pointing to our documentation portal hosted on Gitbooks.


View our full Numio wallet Change Log here.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the new WalletConnect integration, new ways to backup and secure your Numio account, and our evolving UI/UX.

Please note that some features discussed in this article are potentially pending iOS or Android approval.

If you haven’t already, check out our app and let us know what you think. We are welcome to constructive feedback as it makes us better. Join us to bring the next million people into crypto & DeFi! Download Numio on Android or iOS and follow us on Twitter to get frequent updates about us.

Tim Allard, CTO, Numio

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