Numio Developer Update – Q1 2022


Welcome to Numio’s Q1 2022 developer update! So much has taken place since our last update, and we can assure you it has been worth the wait. Let’s dive right in.

Layer 2 Trading with ZigZag is here!

Over the past few months the Numio dev team has been working incredibly close with the ZigZag team to bring L2 trading right into your pocket.


This allows sub $1 trades on layer two. We are launching with a few pairs and are ready to add more – no app update required. Part of this release was to ensure the ease of adding new pairs and we will be testing this out over the next coming days.

Not only that, we built in and activated the ability to purchase crypto and have it deposit in you your L2 wallet through MoonPay.

How awesome is that! No more need to purchase on L1, and pay high fees to transfer to L2!

Through the Numio app, you can now purchase crypto through MoonPay, have it directly deposited to your zkSync L2 wallet, then swap one crypto for another through ZigZag for under $1.00. These integration partnerships are working hand in hand to deliver the best utility and UI/UX on the market.

NFT’s On OpenSea

In addition to all the trading and swapping on the other side of the app, we have built in support for showcasing and swiping through your NFTs on Ethereum via OpenSea.


We are currently using the OpenSea API’s to tap into the world of NFTs and it is just the start. This is v1 – and in this release, you can view and swipe between your L1 NFT’s, see price information and more.

As we progress into v2 of NFT’s, we will be adding in the ability to buy/sell and trade.

Keep on the look out for more API integrations with other NFT marketplaces.

Our front end engineers have been keeping busy with all our new Figma and Zeplin design screens to bring in unique experiences around how Numio does crypto.

The Dev Team is Growing

As you can imagine, with all this new development, it requires some additions and adjustments to our process and workflow. We have been working hard to optimize our flow, our peer-reviewed code and deployment processes.

Our last update introduced two new engineers, and since then we have grown even more.

Numio recently onboarded Agústin on blockchain, Cristian on DevOps, Jhefferson on back end, Ronald, Haris and Ahmed on the front end – and we couldn’t be more excited to add more hands to keep pushing our roadmap out the door. Please give them a warm welcome and check out our about page to learn more.


In addition to our new dev team members, the Numio team finally got to meet up in person – some of us meeting for the very first time face to face – which is incredibly important during these times.

Scaling Numio

We have come a long way over the past couple years and as a natural evolution, we made some significant infrastructure enhancements – allowing us to scale both vertically and horizontally. We had a lot of fun architecting these changes using Lucid Chart.

Back on New Years day, you might have noticed a message we put out about a DDoS attack – we immediately reacted, and proactively made significant enhancements to our infrastructure.

Part of that postmortem introduced a new status page for anyone to check out. This addition to our infrastructure is imperative to keep transparency and up to date info out to our users.


In addition to the status page to keep informed about Numio health, we recently launched an official Numio Careers page!

Finding and sourcing talent is an important task and attracting the right type of person to fit the soul of the company is important on both sides. Keep an eye out for openings.


Numio and zkSync

We knew early on that zkSync was going to be a core part of Ethereum’s scalability infrastructure. As more projects jump on to zksync, it makes the sandbox much bigger all around for integration partnerships.

This graphic was included in our last developer update, and it has significantly grown since.


One aspect to highlight is gas costs. We have been amazed by the comments we are getting on how much saving there is to be made in gas cost when using Numio. Next time you are on your confirmation screen, send us a screenshot of your gas and tag us.

Numio is Continuing to Evolve its UI/UX

We want our users to have the easiest and most secure layer 2 experience on the market and doing so requires lots of listening and evolving the application along with it.


Being able to do that requires lots of little (and some times larger) refinements. We might not outline each one in our changelog, but we are constantly making important enhancements to deliver your experience.

Numio Docs

Since v2.6.1 (NFT’s and Trading), introduced some fancy new UI, we made sure to update our official a Numio documentation! This brings rich documentation for the Numio app along with In-depth how-to’s and screenshots to perform your favorite in-app functions.

Please reach out with any feedback or how we can improve.


Numio on the Move


Numio’s very own, Director of Business Development, Mark Anstead attended the BTC Miami scene a few weeks ago and did a talk on “The Intersection of DeFi and NFT’s” during a Planet Fitness TV Event. Check it out!

When Mark is not speaking at a super cool event, he is writing articles on Modular Blockchains and Ethereum.

Numio will also be attending Permissionless – reach out to book a time with Mark.

…and when we are not speaking, we are keeping the creative gears moving. Check out what Joel has been up to spinning up a StarkNet Node on his Rasberry Pi 4! Super cool.

Joel’s full article on building a StarkNet node can be found here and is helping people across the globe getting up and running.

Official Numio Changelog

We recently made a change to our Numio wallet changelog. It lived in a couple places before, but since launching our Numio Docs, it only made sense to consolidate it there. You can now find it linked in our website footer, pointing to our documentation portal hosted on Gitbooks.


View our full Numio wallet Change Log here.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the new L2 Trading and NFT experience on Numio! We look forward to a soon to be released update which brings new ways to connect. 👀 (hint hint)

If you haven’t already, check out our app and let us know what you think. We are welcome to constructive feedback as it makes us better. Join us to bring the next million people into crypto & DeFi! Download Numio on Android or iOS and follow us on Twitter to get frequent updates about us.

Tim Allard, CTO, Numio

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