Numio Developer Update – September 2022


Welcome to this month’s Numio Developer update! This past month has been focused on some big initiatives, some of which you can participate in. Let’s jump right in.

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

The initial round of Community Testing for our DeFi Dashboard is now live! Our dev team has been working on polishing this test release for anyone who made it on the early access list to get access.


Interact with DeFi right from your pocket, see the new charting UI, and participate in web3. Make a simple deposit, check your APY and more, in a few simple taps.

We architected this to be incredibly modular to allow the additions of new protocols, markets and assets. We are starting off with Aave on L1 and will set the stage for a flourishing point of access for many useful tools.

We hope to see you join the early access tester list and send over your feedback.

Please note, that although this is a beta test, the test tracks are on mainnet. Real assets and networks are in play. You can find the Numio DeFi testing Google Form here to sign up in under a minute.

NFT Minting on zkSync

Update Numio to mint your first NFT on zkSync today. We are proud to say Numio was the first to bring this capability to users world-wide.
Over the past few weeks we have been refining and testing the minting flow, meta data fields, and NFT dashboard. We have also introduced a way for you to filter and sort NFTs by LAYER. Now that you can mint NFTs on zkSync, you are no longer just in L1 NFT land.

Numio On The Move

Our Director of Business Development, Mark Anstead will be out in Bogotá Colombia for DevCon 2022, say hello and grab some stickers!


From The Numio Blog

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zkSync Comparison

Some of you might have heard zkSync is doing a big upgrade to 2.0 in the coming days. Learn about what that means and what is new: zkSync 1.0 vs. zkSync 2.0

Official Numio Changelog

Our Web3 wallet is evolving. We are listening to you and building in functionality we believe will be successful long term. Check out how we have evolved, and what you might be missing if you haven’t hit that update button yet.


v2.7.3 – 10/13/2022
  • Ability to Mint NFTs on zkSync
v2.7.2 – 09/07/2022
  • Select destination layer in Send/Withdraw flow
  • Token mini menu UI dropdown when clicking a token through main dash
  • Notifications and Transaction history UI updates
  • Performance improvements


We hope you enjoyed learning about the kick-off to our Community Testing for our DeFi Dashboard, getting a sneak peek at our NFT minting in Numio on zkSync, and our evolving UI/UX.

Please note that some features discussed in this article are potentially pending iOS or Android approval.

As a final alpha, keep on the lookout for something we are doing to keep things “open”.

If you haven’t already, check out our app and let us know what you think. We welcome any constructive feedback as it makes us better. Join us to bring the next million people into crypto & DeFi! Download Numio on Android or iOS and follow us on Twitter to get frequent updates about us.

Tim Allard, CTO, Numio

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