Numio Integrating Paraswap for In-App Token Swaps


We are pleased to announce that we are working with decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregation service, Paraswap, to bring Layer 2 token swaps to Numio.

The integration allows users of the Numio mobile app to quickly, and easily, swap one ERC-20 token for another. Thanks to Paraswaps DEX aggregation system, token swaps within Numio will be at the best rate possible. The benefits don’t end there though. As both Numio and Paraswap are both building on zkSync’s ecosystem, swaps will be faster, and a lot cheaper, than those you will find on Ethereum’s Layer 1*.

“Working with Mounir and the Paraswap team has been incredible. They are some of the greatest innovators with regards to trading in DeFi. They have built a great aggregator service over the last couple years, and we are thrilled to build the future of finance with them on Ethereum’s Layer-2.” Numio Director of Business Development, Mark Anstead.

We are currently developing and testing the integration and it will go live soon. We can’t wait to bring you a whole new level of Layer 2 DeFi within the Numio app.

*The integration of Layer 1 swaps into the Numio app is also planned.


About Paraswap

ParaSwap aggregates decentralized exchanges and other DeFi services in one comprehensive interface to streamline and facilitate users’ interactions with Ethereum’s decentralized finance — both for dApp developers thanks to the API and for end-users.

About Numio

Numio gives you more control over your digital assets and your identity. Founded in 2020 with a vision to make crypto simple, Numio allows you to send crypto instantly, save up to 100x on Ethereum fees and verify your digital identity in a safe and secure way. Available on Android and iOS, Numio was the first zkRollup powered mobile payments app to be released on Google Play.

All Numio products are non-custodial, so only the account holder has access to their money.

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