Numio Q3 Review


At Numio we are always innovating, developing and creating and 2021’s Q3 was no different. We have achieved a lot in a short time, too much to go into detail about so here are the biggest Numio news stories from the past three months…

Token Swaps

Probably the biggest news has been the introduction of token swaps in the app. This simple but very powerful interface lets you swap your favorite Ethereum tokens on the go, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Although the app currently supports Ethereum Layer 1 swaps, we have integrated Layer 2 swap technology which will go live very soon.


Token Swaps Are Live on Numio v2.1


Preview App & Skip Registration

You asked, we delivered.

Anyone who downloads the Numio app can now preview the app before deciding if they register an account. Or you can just skip registration altogether and make an account without registering.

Stay Anonymous on Numio


Numio Token Pages

First and foremost Numio is a technology company, and that will never change, but alongside that we want to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology easy to understand. That is why we launched our Ethereum Token Guide, a simple to understand guide to all* the tokens listed on Numio.

Rather than explaining it why not check it out?

Numio Tokens: Making Token Information Simple

*there are over 300 so we don’t have all of them live just yet but we will get there.



In July we announced the integration of Storj DCS into the Numio app, with Storj making the Numio available as a payment option for node operators.

Numio and Storj Labs: Storage and Payments Integrations


We also announced that we were working with Paraswap for in-app token swaps

Numio Integrating Paraswap for In-App Token Swaps



August saw a partnership announcement with Ferrum Network, including the FRM & FRMx tokens being listed on the Numio mobile app.

Numio Partner with Ferrum Network



August also saw the announcement of a partnership with decentralized trust infrastructure provider, UTU.

Numio and UTU: Increasing Trust Verification

PhoenixDAO x SecurePad

Also in August was the announcement that we are working with PhoenixDAO and SecurePad to develop an NFT based KYC system.

Know Your NFT: Numio Working with PhoenixDAO and SecurePad

The Future

As always, all the latest news can be found via our social channels, with our Developer Updates bringing you the latest releases and a taste of things to come (including NFTs and much more).

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