Numio v2.0 is Live on Android and iOS


Over the past couple of months the Numio development team have been hard at work making some huge improvements to the Numio app. These are not just small improvements either. They have stripped the app back and made improvements throughout… and yes, they have been finishing up with iOS.

All that hard work has finally come to an end and we are happy to announce that the new and improved app is now live and available for download on both Android and iOS.

The Refactor

The first undertaking was a detailed review of the app code followed by a full refactor. What is a refactor? A refactor serves a number of purposes, including;

  • Any unnecessary code just bloats the app and the refactor means that we have essentially halved the size of the app. This makes it easier to download and lets it run more efficiently.

  • It gave us the best opportunity to ensure that we could integrate any future updates with no issues.

  • We were able to run fresh audits on cleaner code.

The Redesign

The Numio app has always been about simplicity and making crypto accessible. Although we have largely achieved that, we knew that it still needed work. Our own QA and user feedback told us that some of the UI was not as intuitive as we would have liked and that some of the design looked messy and outdated.

So, while we were refactoring the app and adding new screens (trading etc), there was no better time to give the app a nice new look.

The new design includes;

  • Clean modern look.

  • Registration and recovery is now simpler and more informative, with more prompts and descriptions at each stage.

  • The main dashboard now clearly shows your zkRollup* powered Numio Wallet ⚡ and Standard Wallet 🐢 as two distinct wallets.

  • The Purchase, Receive, Withdraw and Pay functions are clearly presented.

  • Token selection is now clearly labelled and brings up an intuitive menu to show what tokens you have available in each wallet.

  • A clearer and more informative identity management flow.

  • and more…

*The Numio Wallet is powered by zkRollups from zkSync.

The Features

It’s not just making the app pretty. The functionally of the app has been improved with some great new features (both live and in production), including;

  • Choose between assisted backup or manual backup.
  • A growing number of tokens available on Layer 2 – we have added support for eleven tokens to start, with more being added soon.
  • 300+ tokens available on Layer 1.
  • More tokens available for purchase, including LINK, USDT, MKR & UNI.
  • Manual recovery with a 12 word seed phrase.
  • Layer 2 trading, pooling and staking – in development.
  • Layer 2 cryptocurrency purchases – in development.
  • and more…


The news many of you have been waiting a long time for – we have finished iOS and it is now live on the AppStore.

You will love it.

Take a Look

Nothing beats actually downloading the app and having a go yourself – let us know what you think or tell us about features you would like to see added via our socials, below.

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