Win a $500 Pay Day with Numio — Plus Weekly Prizes or Tokens

We randomly select community members each week/month & send them crypto! Download Numio and enter the giveaway today!

How to Enter the Giveaway

in just three easy steps



Download Numio for free on either Apple or Android with the links provided below.


Get Numio Verified

Create your account and then be sure to get Numio Verified via the identity screen.



Once Numio Verified simply check the little opt-in1 box to be entered into Pay Day2.

1 Promotion opt-in can be found via the identity screen. Terms and conditions apply. See for more details.
2 Subject to change: future promotions may require additional steps to be completed.

Pay Day Tokens

Pay Day Details

Every month, Numio will pick one or more listed tokens and add them to the Pay Day bonus pool.

Everyone who enters has two chances to win – a weekly Pay Day and a monthly Pay Day.

The weekly Pay Day occurs every Friday when five lucky people, who are registered on Numio, are picked randomly and will find a $50 Pay Day reward dropped directly into their account.

Once a month, one lucky person will get a $500 Pay Day bonus paid into their account.

Download Numio

Numio is fast, cheap, and secure. Download for free and start saving money today.

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