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It might be best to preface this article with a comment on privacy in the Numio app. Whatever registration method you use to sign up for Numio, you can be sure that all encryption is done on your device and data on our servers is encrypted- this allows you to stay pseudonymous on a public blockchain. We can’t access your wallet, device or your accounts. We never sell any or give away any user data to any third parties and we have a warrant canary that is updated monthly. We take your privacy seriously.

Account Options

When we started building Numio we wanted to build a cryptocurrency app that anyone can use. We wanted to make it fully accessible with a very simple onboarding process. So that’s what we did. We took away the complication of private keys, passwords, storage and long crypto addresses by building an app that does it all for you.

As great as the system is, we soon realised that a huge share of the crypto and privacy community didn’t want to use cloud storage or biometrics, they wanted to control their own private keys and storage. So we added a new feature where you can just add your details (email for recovery and ease of use with your contacts), store your own keys and away you go.

We now know that this isn’t enough. People don’t want to give an email when signing up for a cryptocurrency app, you want full control of your data and that’s fine.

That’s why we introduced a new option – Skip Registration.

Skipping registration gives you many, but not all*, of the features of a regular Numio account. You still get usernames, zkRollups and our soon to be released trading, swaps, and NFTs, but with minimal personal information required. While this might make it more complicated to recover your account, you can be sure that you are in full control of your personal data.

*to get the full Numio experience you are better off registering.

How does it work?

Skip registration goes back to the basics of crypto – with the added bonus of fast, low cost and simple transactions.

Signing up is simple. Just download and open the Numio app, click ‘Skip Registration’, and confirm that you understand that you are responsible for backing up your accounts.

Sign Up
Proceed Anonymously

At this stage you will go straight to the Numio dashboard where any interaction will launch a pop-up with three options;

  • Import a wallet (i.e. from MetaMask).
  • Create a wallet.
  • Just have a look around the app.

The next screen is where you can enter an account name* and username of your choice – these don’t have to be real but are required for two reasons

  1. To populate your transaction history.
  2. So you can easily receive payments.

*for added privacy your account name and profile photo can be hidden from the contacts search function.

You will also need to choose or upload a profile pic.


Click continue, wait for the wallet creation process, and you will be presented with 12 seed words. Write these down and keep it safe.

Here is where I need to move to photos of my phone as Numio’s security prevents screenshots – of course I am doing what you should never do and revealing my seed phrase. Never ever give away your seed phrase or private key as anyone could access the account and take the crypto held in that wallet.

Seed Phrase

Before re-entering your seed phrase and username (required for encrypting and recovering the app).

Confirm Seed

Boom – that’s it. You now have a Numio account with all the features of a regular account, minus the assisted backup/recovery.

Numio Account

Let us know what you think of the new registration process* and tell us what features you would like to see added to Numio. We take all feedback and suggestions seriously.

*Since writing this post we have been working on streamlining the wallet creating process even more so watch this space.

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