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ZigZag Trading Layer 1 and Layer 2

What is ZigZag Exchange?

What is ZigZag? ZigZag is a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with an orderbook. ZigZag is built on the zkSync Network – a zkRollup Ethereum scaling solution

Layer 2 Solutions

A Short Handbook of Layer 2 Solutions

Optimistic and Zero-Knowledge Rollups, Channels, Plasma, and Sidechains: A Short Handbook of Layer 2 Solutions Layer 2 solutions are a way to improve the scalability


What is DeFi?

What is DeFi? Since the launch of Ethereum in 2015, we have seen a revolution in creativity from developers around the world. Building a variety

Layer 2 and zkSync

What is zkSync?

What is zkSync? zkSync is a zkRollup (zero-knowledge rollup), more technically known as a “Validity Rollup”. zkSync is designed to help Ethereum scale by taking

MatterLabs vs Starkware

zkSNARKs vs. zkSTARKs

Over the past year, the excitement around zero-knowledge tech has blossomed, fueled mostly by what can only be described as an explosion in zero-knowledge ecosystem

zkSync Comparison

zkSync 1.0 vs. zkSync 2.0

Over the past two years, the concept of blockchain scaling, primarily around Ethereum, has taken the crypto industry by storm. One of the most prominent



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