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Beta Test the Numio Defi Dashboard

The Numio DeFi Dashboard is here and officially open for Community Testing. What is the DeFi Dashboard? DeFi swaps have been live on Numio for


What Is Zero-Knowledge?

Over the past couple of years zero-knowledge technology has become one of the hottest subjects in crypto. But what is zero-knowledge? Why do we need

zkSync Comparison

zkSync 1.0 vs. zkSync 2.0

Over the past two years, the concept of blockchain scaling, primarily around Ethereum, has taken the crypto industry by storm. One of the most prominent

Improving onboarding UX in Web 3.0

Improving Onboarding UX in Web 3.0

In December 2020, Numio launched the first mobile application on Google Play that supported zkRollups, and the first mobile wallet on zkSync. The goal of

Numio 2021 Recap

Numio 2021 Recap

From launching an app to successfully completing a seed round, the past year has been an exciting one at Numio. It was the year when



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