Token Swaps Are Live on Numio v2.1


We are pleased to announce that Numio v2.1 is now live and you can now swap your favourite Ethereum tokens directly in-app .

That’s right – swap tokens on the go, wherever you are!

In a boring meeting… swap

On the bus… swap

Toilet break… swap

You can swap crypto anywhere and at any time!

How to Swap Crypto?

The non-custodial Numio app uses Paraswap technology to power in-app token swaps. Just open the app and hit ‘Trade’, choose your favorite token and how much you want to swap and that’s it – easy.

Trade Main
Trade Dash

There are 300+ tokens currently available for swaps.

If you don’t see your token in the app, let us know, and we will get it supported – shoot us an email at

Layer 2 Swaps

The current swaps are via Ethereum Layer 1 and that means they are hit by the normal Gas prices we see so often.

That’s why Layer 2 swaps, via Paraswap and zkSync, are currently being integrated and will be coming to the Numio app very soon.

Stay Anonymous

Want your DeFi swaps to be anonymous? That’s no problem – with Numio you don’t have to tell us who you are and only you have access to your account.

Read all about staying anonymous on Numio here –

Download Numio

The Numio app is avaliable to download today on Android and iOS.

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