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Ethereum Token Guide

Learn about the 300+ tokens available to store, purchase and transfer on Numio. Welcome to the future of DeFi on Ethereum Layer 2.

Numio Ethereum Wallet
Numio ETH wallet

Why You’ll Love Numio

Some of the top features that make Numio awesome

Layer 2 Ethereum Support

Numio is the first mobile app to support zkRollups for next to nothing transaction fees.

Buy Cryptocurrency

Easily top up your crypto balance using a debit or credit card.

Trade, Swap and Import

Quickly trade or swap tokens and import an unlimited number of wallets.

Private and Secure

Choose your level of security. Nobody can access, freeze or withhold your crypto - not even Numio.

Supported Ethereum Tokens

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How Easy is it to Get Started?

Using Numio is as easy as 1, 2, 3


Download Numio for free and with no activation fee or credit card required

Create Your Account

Choose standard or advanced account creation


Import your wallet or purchase some cryptocurrency

Download Numio

Numio is fast, cheap, and secure. Download for free and start saving money today.

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Token Updates

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