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Trading with a Dextrous Hand: How DEXT tools Helps Traders Win

Everyone knows by now that trading on decentralized exchanges is the future. If the crypto community is to prevent the washout of crypto’s original ethos of self-custodied finances, then DEXs need to improve, and the tools that help traders use them effectively need to expand.

That’s exactly what DEXTools aims to do. It’s a DEX aggregator that draws information from a huge swathe of popular DEXs and presents them under the umbrella of an easy-to-use UI that is replete with the tools necessary to maximize your trading advantage.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the DEX market, and everything needed to participate in it. It also has premium features, unlockable by holding a certain amount of DEXT tokens in your wallet.

What Tools Does DEXTools Have?

DEXTools offers a plethora of tools that help traders get the job done.

The Pool Explorer lets traders track liquidity as it shifts between DEXs, allowing them to spot patterns and possible market movements.

The Pair Explorer lets traders view the transaction and price history of a token in a multi-DEX manner. It also supplies trust metrics for tokens and projects so traders know what they are getting themselves into.

The Wallet Viewer lets users keep an eye on the movements of their favorite trader’s wallets, whether that be to copy – or even play against – their trades. Whale movements in particular can be found with the Big Swap Explorer. Users can track trades by their size, time, price execution, and so on.

To improve trading response times, users can use Multiswap which opens multiple DEXs at once. Finally, DEXTools offers notifications and tracking so that users can make informed decisions and don’t miss out on the prices they want.

All of this is underpinned by an infrastructure of effectively canvassed real-time data, which is near instantaneous – unlike many websites with a few minutes delay. Furthermore, the community is willing to research the tokens and provide up-to-date information about how the project is run and its trustworthiness. This is invaluable, in a wide and ever-changing world of decentralized tokens and the ability for pools for any token to be made, having the guiding choir of the community at your side is a brilliant resource.

What is the DEXT Token?

DEXT is the native utility token of DEXTools that unlocks advanced features for subscribers. These features come in the form of tiered subscription plans that can be purchased with DEXT. As well as purchasing plans outright, subscription tiers can be unlocked by simply holding DEXT tokens. The team is currently burning 10% of all subscription fees to add deflationary pressure to the token.

The other 90% is returned to DEXT holders in proportion to their DEXT holdings. Crucially, unlike many protocols, there are zero staking requirements to earn this reward. More impressively, the team’s wallets are not included in the distribution, instead pushing more tokens into the hands of Premium members.

Subscription Plans and DEXTforce Ventures.

There are two subscription tiers alongside the Free offering (which includes the tools listed above): Standard and Premium. Standard costs $100 a month (payable in DEXT) or holding 1000 DEXT tokens, and Premium requires users to hold 100,000 DEXT tokens. The standard unlocks a position (P&L tracker), analytics, Telegram price alerts, limit order, and access to a trading bot, as well as removing advertising from the platform. The Premium plan lets users be involved with DEXTforce Ventures, and access the Premium DEXT discord, where users can meet and chat with other high-end traders to refine strategy.

DEXTforce Ventures is the investment arm of the DEXT community. They aim to incubate, advise, and help launch hot new projects that have the community’s backing. The talented team behind DEXT have the market experience and crypto wherewithal to truly advise and make these projects the best they can be.

Take It To The DEXT Level

DEXTools has done stellar work in making the DEX landscape more accessible and more navigable for traders. The DEXT token has a real utility in unlocking the services provided and the kickbacks provided to the community are both fair and sustainable. As more people move away from the CEX experience as crypto adoption takes hold, it stands to reason that DEXTools will remain a leader in making that world open to all.

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How can I get DEXT?

Getting DEXT is easy on Numio. You can use your credit or debit card to purchase ETH or USDC, which can then be exchanged for DEXT*, you can swap or trade it for other ERC-20 tokens (up to 100x cheaper than other wallets), and you can send or receive it as payment. Whatever way you choose you can be sure that you are always in full control of your DEXT.

*direct DEXT purchases coming soon.

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