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Build it, and they will come. Crypto projects are currently being created at an extravagant rate – but it’s not easy. Many projects are sold on the basis of future promises, not current utility [we’re looking at you, Cardano]. And that’s fair enough, Blockchain is still in its infancy. Astute practitioners are still somewhat rare. The rise of service platforms that have the skills required is thus rising.

How the Ferrum Network Helps Startups

Coding efficient smart contracts and widely integrated tokens with real utility is not easy. If it was, we’d see a lot more projects working as intended. We’d see fewer bots plaguing ICOs. For a crypto-focused startup, perhaps this is unforgivable. For inspired service providers who aren’t quite sure how to integrate into the blockchain, then there is cause to want a platform that allows innovative start-ups to bring their token utility into Web 3.0 economy – premium white label services are a must.

Ferrum Network is just that. A white label DeFi service, with staking, bridging, and an incubator that helps projects get off the ground. They follow first-come-first-served (FCFS) policies and help projects introduce themselves appropriately to the DeFi space. They differentiate themselves from other incubators by not demanding long-term staking requirements and simplifying the process.

Their staking platform allows full customization and doesn’t require teams to pay thousands of dollars on audits – since theirs is already proven to be resilient and secure. The Ferrum bridge has the potential to be an incredibly powerful piece of middleware for blockchains and L2 (Layer-2) technologies, allowing liquidity/assets to seamlessly move from one blockchain, or L2, to another, for minimal fees. Finally, they help incubees navigate the obstacles encountered when implementing staking, as part of their services.

Successful Start-Ups in the FRM Incubator

Some of the most successful projects within their ecosystem are Bondly, with an all-time high (ATH) of $55, a whopping increase on its initial sale price of $0.7 and UREEQA, whose TVL is $2 million and who has achieved 69.6x on its public sale price of 11 cents. There are plenty of other projects that form part of the ecosystem, like Netvrk, and the support between them – and their wider partners – is known as the Iron Alliance. To be part of the incubator and get these services, as well as the backing of FRM holders, you have to apply. Yet there is no obligation to place down a significant stake of the native token, FRM.

Exploring FRM’s Utility

FRM is used to offer lottery-based access for holders to Pre-Sales of various projects that join their ecosystem, with dividends paid out from the stake FRM offers in the protocols being developed. FRM holders also get a proportion of the value the new crypto project creates. FRM then, is valuable to hold if you believe in the Ferrum Network’s ability to bring DeFi projects from its incubator into the market through the use of its bot-stopping tech and general service outline. FRM can also be staked in the network, giving you FRMx, the governance token of the Ferrum ecosystem. FRM and FRMx are brought back for every product sold, thus driving positive price action, further strengthened by a slew of farming options.

The Iron Alliance

If a start-up is part of their network, they offer marketing too. Naturally, this is to help build the projects involved in their incubator. They offer YouTube interviews, marketing advice on how to handle Twitter campaigns and manage Discord. Of course – they can’t do all the hard work for new projects, but FRM holders do get to see a portion of the rewards that the projects who make it have in proportion to their FRM stake.

The Ferrum Network is like any incubator in Silicon Valley. Whether it’s Edvenswa Tech or Erlich Bachmann – that’s for you to decide. They’ve seen significant success with some of their projects, and their advisory services and bridge tech can help newly minted DeFi projects get off the ground in the right way, letting supporters of the project get the TGE they deserve, and FRM holders the yields they crave.

Is FRM Hard to Get?

Getting cryptocurrencies, whether by purchasing or trading, can be a daunting prospect for beginners. This is particularly true for any cryptocurrency that isn’t Bitcoin or Ethereum – with Ethereum tokens, also known as ERC-20 tokens, such as FRM being a prime example.

If you are thinking about getting FRM then Numio is a great choice for handling your assets. Numio allows you to pay people using your stored FRM assets, as easily as if it were cash. If you are a bit more crypto savvy you can also trade and swap FRM at the touch of a button.

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How can I get FRM?

Getting FRM is easy on Numio. You can use your credit or debit card to purchase ETH or USDC, which can then be exchanged for FRM*, you can swap or trade it for other ERC-20 tokens (up to 100x cheaper than other wallets), and you can send or receive it as a payment. Whatever way you choose you can be sure that you are always in full control of your FRM.

*direct FRM purchases coming soon.


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