ZigZag Layer 2 Trading Is Live on Numio


Ethereum Layer 2 Trading Is Live on Numio powered by ZigZag and zkSync

We are excited to announce that ZigZag, a zkRollup powered Decentralized Exchange (DEX) with orderbook, is now live on Numio.

ZigZag, like Numio, is building on the zkSync Network: a Layer 2 Ethereum solution created by MatterLabs. The beauty of using zkRollups means that ZigZag can offer swaps under $0.50 per trade (at the time of writing). Compare this to a trade on any popular Layer 1 DEX where the fees can be hundreds of dollars and the benefits are clear.

ZigZag X Numio

The chance to offer our users such cheap and seamless trades within the Numio App is something that we have been working towards for some time now and with ZigZag we can now make it reality.

How Do I Get Access?

Getting access to zkRollups is easy with Numio. Just download our app and create an account for free. You can choose the very simple and secure assisted registration or you can create an account with no personal information whatsoever, not even an email or phone number.

Once you have your account you instantly have access to your Layer 1 and associated Layer 2 wallet. Just choose the zkSync wallet for faster and cheaper transactions, and away you go.

“Early on we understood the power and benefits of zkRollup technology – and along with it, we are continuing to embrace its expanding ecosystem. We are excited to work with ZigZag and its integration into the Numio app, giving us the opportunity to offer our growing userbase instant, cost effective trades on the zkSync Layer 2 network.” – Timothy Allard, CTO, Numio

“Through ZK Rollups we are able to bring the CEX-like experience to our decentralized orderbook exchange. On zkSync we offer instant transactions with deep liquidity and negligible fees. We can’t wait for the integration of our exchange into Numio’s mobile application, so you will be able to enjoy lightning fast swaps for under $0.50 in fees, wherever you are.” – ZigZag

About ZigZag

ZigZag is an orderbook DEX building on ZK Rollups. We see ZK Rollups as the endgame scaling solution for Ethereum and we will build on every zkEVM there will be. Through an orderbook we can provide bottomless liquidity with minimal slippage, a CEX-like experience, which will be preferred over AMMs.

About Numio

Buy, sell, trade, earn crypto with DeFi, collect NFTs, and more, while saving you up to 100x on Ethereum fees. Numio gives you more control over your digital assets in one convenient app. Numio can be used pseudonymously, or with an optional zkProof powered identity verification system. All Numio products are non-custodial.

Available on Android and iOS, Numio was the first zkRollup powered mobile payments app to be released on Google Play.

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